Scat Boy Swallow Real starring in video Sabrina Castro (20.99€ SG-Video) – brazilian

Starring: Sabrina Castro & slave boy Zica This is an epic scat swallow video. The inked, blonde Sabrina dominates and humiliates her slave. She sits on his face and shits into his mouth directly, then she pushes it down into his throat with her fingers and even with her feet. Then she spreads it on his whole face and teeth. The boy must also lick Sabrina Castro’s fingers. The dominatrix wants him to swallow her creamy scat. In this scat domination video, the dominatrix is playing with her own shit. The slave boy, Zica would like to make Sabrina Castro happy so he fulfills her wishes and eats the kaviar. Don´t miss MF & SG VIDEO 2012.

Format: MP4
Duration: 18 Min
Size: 1272 Mb
Resolution: 1920×1080

[SG-Video] Scat Swallow FemDom – By Sabrina Castro 4

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[SG-Video] Scat Swallow FemDom - By Sabrina Castro 4 - Img 2

[SG-Video] Scat Swallow FemDom - By Sabrina Castro 4 - Imag 3

Scat film especific in real Scat domination and humiliation swallow real. Don?t miss MF VIDEO 2013. They are near pool. Sabrina give her on order to come out from water then pulls her hair to lay on ground. Then sit to her face and shit direct to her mouth and covers her whole face with it.

StarringSabrina Castro & new slave Abelinha

Studio: SG-Video