Training of the Toilet Slave P2 ($14.99 YezzClips)

The toilet slave comes finally to his job as a toilet. Mistress Michelle urgently needs to shit. The slave is now under the toilet chair and opens his mouth wide. It expects Mistress Michelle. She sits down on the toilet seat and talk to Lady Sandy continued while peeing habitually and then poops. The turd falls deeply in his mouth and soon his mouth is filled up with shit totally and he winds up. These moments are the best for Mistress Michelle.

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Sandy has to Shit a Lot P2 ($9.99 ScatShop)

Lady Sandy has already used this toilet slave. Today she has to piss over a minute into his mouth while her big fresh shit is inside his mouth. He tries to swallow all the piss and after that he chew and swallow the shit from Lady Sandy.

The post Sandy has to Shit a Lot P2 ($9.99 ScatShop) first appeared on Copro Porn Site #1.

Scatqueens-Berlin – Toilet Slave Punishment P1 ($9.99 ScatShop)

Three Scatqueens and a toilet slaughter combined with the desire of the three ladies to use and humiliate the slave. The Scatqueens want to hear him today as he moans and whip him hard. The slave groans and winds. But he’s totally horny because he knows the Scatqueens will soon use him as a human toilet and piss him in his slave mouth and shit in his thoat. He is just a toiletsklave and has also soon his mouth full of piss and shit.

Scatqueens-Berlin – Toilet Slave Works P3 ($9.99 ScatShop)

After the toilet slave has swallowed the shit and piss, he has to open his mouth again. Lady Angie shits and pisses the slave one more time in his open mouth. Then Mistress Michelle sits on the toilet chair. Something fell apart. Mistress Michelle now stuffs her shit into the toilet slave’s mouth. After that, Lady Angie just pisses in the shitty mouth and looks comfortably with Mistress Michelle as the slave eats everything up.

Scatqueens-Berlin – Stick in the Ass for the Shit Eater P2 ($9.99 ScatShop)

The mouth of the toilet slave is indeed full with shit from Lady Kimi who is amused by the sight.In the Meantime the slave is swalloing the pile of shit Lady Domi shit on a plate and pee in a jar. Lady Kimi trample the toilet slave and is standing on his stomach. The slave suffers but it does not matter.

Stick in the Ass for the Shit Eater P1 ($9.99 ScatShop)

Scatqueen Lady Kimi Lady Domi are humiliating the toilet slave. He has many braces in his slave face, his balls are severely pinched and he has a stick in his slave ass. After that Lady Kimi shit a soft pile into his mouth. The shit fills in its mouth and sticks out of his mouth. Lady Domi can not anymore, she has to puke and all the vomit lands on the slave because she does not endure the stinky pile of shit from Lady Kimi.