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To two lesbian girlfriends came girlfriends, also lesbians. At first they had a nice conversation, then they began to hug, lick, kiss. Further – more … someone wanted to write, someone to poop, and others expressed a desire to taste “it” … and then it began! As they say, the further into the forest, the more “crap”!

Learn Fuck And Fisting Slaves My Happy Toilet starring in video Natalia Kapretti ($19.99 ScatShop) – shitting

Today my happy toilet another lesson for you. Today I will teach you to fuck slaves in the ass and stretch them asses to huge holes. See what big strapon I have, these are my favorite. A good smear lubrication on them, and one smooth sharp movement drive in the ass of this faggot. And then we enjoy fucking his huge faggot ass. I see you like it, you’re dripping, sit on the couch and watch, jerk off and watch how I fuck this loser. You want me to stretch you ass to and fuck your ass to such that size that it becomes huge hole and my fist flew into it with a whoosh. Yes, I see what you want. You’re my toilet bitch, depraved innocence. You’re not just wet, you’re all flowed. Here’s strap-on, lick it pretty, and now we’ll drive it into your pussy, now everything is in place, fuck yourself with this dildo. This faggot is already moaning from this huge cork in the ass, it’s time to fuck him again, and then more fisting. My fist easily flies into his faggot ass, that’s how much solid shit in his ass, even not smeared at all. Well, let’s put it back in its place back in the ass and fuck it with a good fist. It’s such a thrill, such pleasure to fuck a slave in ass over and over.

Sold By: : Mistress
Categories: Groups/Couples, Poop Videos, Scat, Toilet Slavery

Length: 28:12s
Resolution: 1280×720
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 1 GB

REGINA BELLA – PUSHING THE LIMITS starring in video Regina Bella, Gina, 1 Male ($50 Hightide-Video)

We are proud to present to you a new star in the scat universe: Regina Bella.
This super-extreme beauty shocked the hell out of us when she told us her fantasies and ideas for a film. The more extreme the better. Together with two hot scat lovers she is truly pushing the limits on step further. The most amazing thing are the multi-orgasmic qualities of the girls. These shit lovers truly love their filthy games and they had one violent climax with ecstatic convulsions and cries after the other.
Simply unbelievable, 95 minutes of exceptionally hard, genuine toilet loving and this is only Regina’s first film..

Format: MOV
Duration: 95 Min
Size: 1404 Mb
Resolution: 1280×720

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CHRIS – THE DIRTY ANGEL starring in video Chris-Extreme, 1 Male ($50 Hightide-Video)

We are pleased to introduce you to the universe of Chris—a new, exceptionally kinky and gorgeous scat queen. We met her through a common friend who praised her unique services (see below) and suggested she would be the perfect choice for a video. When we actually met her in person, we were blown away with this unique, extremely perverted woman, her wit, charm and open and honest way of talking about her dark desires. Although she has been interested in golden and brown games for a long time, Chris has been a “sleeper” and decided to live her fantasies only recently. A genuine scat lover, she is very willing to explore every aspect of the fetish and her video debut goes to the absolute extreme. Her private and business life requires her wearing a mask in the video, Chris is not your average porn model but truly unique with a high profile background. We had no doubt her gorgeous appearance and the way she indulges in the action is absolutely fascinating. A dirty Angel indeed!

Format: MP4
Duration: 40 Min
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Thick sausage in the mouth starring in video scatsusan – vomiting

A huge sausage blown very horny so much shit at once I never hmmm very delicious

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GIRLS ONLY! starring in video Rieke, Mia, Marlen

Exhibitionist toilet babes Rieke, Mia and Marlen often meet in private for uninhibited girls-only piss and scat sessions. When they invited us to share their intimate encounters with a larger audience, we immediately agreed. Did you ever wish to be a fly on the wall when three shitloving exhibitionists have filthy fun with each other? Here’s your chance!!

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