ModelNatalya94 – Dirty sex in Olga Yanas jeans ($14.99 ScatShop)

In this video you will see Olga and Yana, who have sex. Yana is dressed in darker jeans, Olga in light jeans. They also shod sneakers and posed in front of the camera. They walked around the room, showed to the camera how jeans are sitting on their beautiful asses. Then Olga bent down, and Yana was on her knees and Olga wrote and pumped in her light jeans. Then Yana took off her jeans and sniffed this smell. He was beautiful) The whole room was immediately filled with the aroma of warm smelly shit. Then Yana took a rubber dick and fucked Olga in a dirty cunt, she fucked her with her jeans down a bit. When Olga finished, she put on jeans and already Yana stood and wanted to give a shit in her jeans. Olga also knelt and sniffed shit. She enjoyed the scent of Ioannine shit that seeped through her jeans. When Yana took off her jeans, the aromas were mixed and the room had an incredibly strong smell of shit, it was crazy. Olga also fucked Yana with a rubber dick in a dirty cunt. Then Yana also put dirty jeans on herself.

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Naked Scat & Body Worship with MissMortelle | May 27, 2022 ($23.99 ScatShop)

Enjoy mesmerizing close-ups from my naked, divine body. First, you will worship by bare feet, my young boobs and my delicious ass & butthole…
After this first solo worship, I am calling my slave in. To get him excited for his toilet duties, I allow him to worship my naked body. He happily kisses my feet and my legs as I tell him to! I tease him with my ass and my pussy, but for now I deny him the pleasure to adorn those parts of my body with kisses. Instead I make him lick my sweaty armpits. While my sub is worshipping my body, I spit at him and tell him what a dirty, worthless pig he is! And each time he does something wrong, I am slapping his face. Next, my slave has to lick the dirt of my feet. I am only satisfied once my foot cleaner has removed every single bit of dust.

Now that he has performed the body worship to my liking, I will make him my human toilet.

I open his mouth with a spider gag, through which I will pour strong, intense morning piss that I collected for my recycling slave. He has to swallow it all, before we move on to the next step.

Now I sit with my naked ass on my slave´s face. He has to take my weight and sniff my asshole. Then I command him to stick his tongue out and use his mouth for rimming just the way I like it!

I tease my slave with my beautiful ass, making him look at it. Then it is time for me to take a huge shit! I am standing over my toilet mouth and push a huge, creamy turd right into his mouth. My shit portion is so pig that it piles up on my slave´s entire face! It is such a delicious sight indeed to see my shit on my slave´s face. I even adorn the shit pile with a piece of toilet paper, before I train my slave to chew and swallow the shit I gifted him… He is able to eat a big load, but then gives up. I use the rest of the shit, to massage his chest and make him into a real shit surface. You will be able to see nice closeups of my poop and the left-over meal parts on his skin.

Sold By: : MissMortelle
Categories: Poop Videos, Scat, Smearing, Toilet Slavery

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GwenyT – Dirty Girl Smear ($15.99 ScatShop)

Gweny hasn’t played with her poop in a long time, she lays on her stomach trying to push out her load. You see her push out the tip a few times before she gets to her knees and lets it all fall out on the bathroom floor.
She takes it in her hand and smells it while looking you in the eyes, she loves the smell and feel of this load so much!
She lays back on her stomach and puts her poop in between her thighs and up again her butt, she clenches and smooshes it together just teasing herself.. she then takes it and starts rubbing it all over her ass and thighs and into her cunt. She does until she’s coated with her poop and the smelliest you can imagine, she wants you to fuck her dirty ass and cunt so badly!

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Fantastic Orgasm Full of Shit (€18.99 YezziClips)

This video is costum I think the best extreme videos I’ve ever done … I’m wearing a short blue dress and under a pair of skin-colored tights, and a pair of high heels with plateau. I start to undress … you can see my excitement …in doggy style I shit inside the pantyhose then rubbing on the floor my ass… the shit is smearing under the pantyhose over my ass and pussy. I lick my hands full of shit…. in my mouth and you can see it! The game now can start… I take off my tights and smear the shit on my breasts and belly…. I finger my pussy with shit until I come in a fantastic squirting and clitorid orgasm!

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Big Enema In The Bathroom – Enema In The Bathroom From A Different Angle with Motorolka ($7.99 ScatShop)

I fill myself with water and release the shit with pressure on myself… Hot amazing movie!

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LindzyPoopgirl – Corn Poop and Play ($7.99 ScatShop)

Oh my goodness, I LOVE corn sooo much… I gobble it down. It’s so hot and fresh and fills my tummy. I use lots of warm melty butter and salt. It gets stuck in my teach as a chomp and gnaw down. MMMmmm!!!

Then I eat more and more corn, and foods, breads and cheese for days! I eat until I’m ready to poop out the big balls of corn!

After three days of eating and holding in my poops, I return for more fun! I talk dirty and describe how horny and full I am before I show you my left over corn cobs and squat over them. The poop is soooo big, it’s pushing against my asshole, making it gape before I even start pushing out the turds. I grunt and groan trying to push out the thick, massive logs, and then moan in pleasure of the sweet release! The turds are HUGE and you can see the detail of the corn kernels engraved in the big long balled up shit!

I get so horny just looking at the masterpiece I just squeezed out.. It felt soooo good and my pussy is instantly wet! I rub on my pussy and clit, and grab the new corn on the cob. I rub the cob on my feet as I tease you with my golden toes… and then I start masturbating my gaping asshole with it. I fuck myself sooo good with the cob, and use my Hitachi vibrator on my clit until I cum all over the corn. After I take the corn out of my asshole, my leftover poop is stuck in between the corn kernels, so I lick and suck corn on the cob like a nice big dick with shit on it…

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