The Dirty Anal Beads starring in video MakeKatPurrrr ($49.99 ScatShop) – Smearing

Playing with my tight asshole could never be more fun. Fingering my hole getting it nice and lubed up for what’s to come. Grabbing my anal beads and teasing my ass and pussy with them I begin to pop them in one by one. I get them all the way up my ass and it feels so good! Pulling them out bead by bead they come out clean the first time. Your eager to see more so I shove them in again and pull them out and this time they come with a little present. Grabbing my shitt and shoving it back in my asshole to shit it out again and tease you ith it. You know you wanna smell it, taste it even. Giving you a nice close up of my dirty beads and yummy pile of shit, you can’t take it. You just want more.

Length: 7:55s
Resolution: 3840×2160
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