Urgent Diarrhea Attack on a Café ($12.99 ScatShop)

I ate something wrong in a cafe and I urgently wanted to shit! I run to the toilet, its occupied. I touch the door handle and notice that somone are inside. I’m say “Sorry” but I have a bit panic, hold on my stomach and ask the girl in the toilet ” You gonna stay in toilet for a long time?” She say “Yes”. I’m polite and say “That’s No problem”, but I hold my hand on my stomach and bend over a bit. I let out a fart, and the girl inside toilet start to laugh, I’m embarrassed and say “Sorry” to her. She say that its ok. A bit later I have a New Diarrhea attack, I’m farting and knock on the door and say that I have a Diarrhea attack, and kindly ask her to hurry. She flush the toilet but I could not hold it any longer. I hold up my dress but have no time to remove my thong underwear, so I’ shit ymy explosive Diarrhea inside!


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