Urgent Shitting (€21.99 YezzClips)

My friend and I take a little cigarette break. We are sitting on a step and between us is a somewhat unusual ashtray. The slave is lying belly up with his arms outstretched and tied to the wall almost as if he were crucified. A strip of latex covering his flabby body, he has mouth spreader that keeps his mouth open and forces him to become a human ashtray. Selly and I light two black cigarettes and start smoking ready to use our ashtray. Between one puff and the next, we spit in his mouth in turn, blow the smoke in his face and let the ash fall on his tongue, which becomes increasingly black and disgusting. At the end of the video we abound with saliva, we extinguish the cigarettes on his tongue and we leave him on the floor with his mouth full.


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