Triple morning shit-assorted from princesses by MilanaSmelly

MilanaSmelly – Triple morning shit-assorted from princesses

Triple morning shit-assorted from princesses. I was afraid to make this video, because I have to eat a lot of shit in a short time and it’s very difficult when you see everything in front of you! First, you wait until the girls fill the plate and you know that all this will have to be eaten – you can not refuse! When you serve several girls or you will enjoy every second eating their delicious treats, or it will be a very painful process for you. Christina allowed me to choose whose heap I’ll eat first and I chose her bunch, because her taste I love the most! The second I ate a bunch of Yana, she was small but very smelly – Yana was after poisoning, so she did not work for a while. Yana treated me with a lot of female secretions. The third was Amina, her shit was thick and hard, I also like his sweet taste. Shit Amina sticks to the teeth! Amina also treated me with female discharge. It was a stunningly beautiful assortment of three dishes! All the heap I ate in 6 minutes! I was at the limit! If there were three girls in the room, the real heat would start for me! Before the video, I treated the girls with shish kebabs, in order to feel a new taste next time

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Title: MilanaSmelly – Triple morning shit-assorted from princesses
Cast: MilanaSmelly
Genre: Scat, Piss, Cum, Big shit, Eat shit, Smearing
Duration: 00:30:13

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Triple morning shit

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